• Digital
    Marketing with
    B2B data insights

    (An unbeatable Digital Formula)

  • Our Process

    • 1. First, we’ll design an international Google marketing campaign where your company will appear guaranteed on page 1 of google till a budget is reached each day.
    • 2. Then we must understand what happens after they click from google to your product pages in your website.
    • 3. So, then you’ll get access to our unique software known as the ‘business data hub’, where you can manage all your business visitors and track companies live.
    • 4. Your team can have multiple passwords to get instant alerts when companies revisit your website.
    • 5. Finally, after a few months, our analysts will create a website intelligence report with specific, tailor-made recommendations on ways to make your website more efficient.
    • 6. This will lead to more sales, and relevant enquiries to your company so we can say we have provided a formula for manufacturer’s.